Enlightened Spend & Acquisitions Software Solutions

Enlightened Solutions™ is an "out-of-the-box" suite of software products that allows acquisition and spend professionals to efficiently plan, execute, and manage the workflow of procurement package creation, track and optimize spend, and manage vendors from post-award to closeout.

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Drive Project Success by proactively managing vendor performance

Seamlessly monitor KPIs, identify and eliminate underperforming vendors, and drive compliance for unrivaled program success.
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Effortlessly track, manage, and optimize your spend.

Streamline your financial management with intuitive real-time spend tracking, seamless spend optimization, and freedom from manual spreadsheet, forms, and email processes.
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Submit meticulous, well-defined, and complete procurement packages.

Simplify your overall procurement process, optimize workflow efficiency, minimize re-work, and alleviate frustration.