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Spend Intelligence

Stop Spending in the Dark. Easily Plan, Prioritize, and Manage Your Spend.

Spend Intelligence is a comprehensive spend management solution that illuminates your spend planning, budget, tracks expenses, and identifies opportunities for savings and fund reprogramming. Our software allows you to optimize your spend and get the answers you need when you need them.

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Seamlessly monitor KPIs, identify and eliminate underperforming vendors, and drive compliance for unrivaled program success.

Spend & Finance Manager Benefits

Use Estimates to Complete (ETCs) to prevent funding shortages.

Optimize your budget with insights from dashboards and reports so that you maximize every dollar.

Drill-down into spend metrics to explore possible anomalies.

Proactively manage your total spend (contracts, IAAs, compensation, pCards, travel & training) so you can intelligently re-prioritize funding.

Track contract actions and their funding status so you have instance financial awareness.

Compare current spending to the previous year's spending.

Prevent gaps in service by easily comparing contract and IAA end dates to planned follow-ons.

Effortlessly identify and prioritize unfunded requirements should funds become available.

Improved quality, schedule, and cost

Time is Money

Don’t spend your time finding the data when you could be analyzing the data to optimize your spend.


Time spent manually sifting through lots of reports and data from FMS and CWS to aanswer questions about your spend.



Ask S.I. is the easy, intuitive way to get answers to your spending questions.  Quickly find the info you need as Ask S.I. takes you directly to the answers in Spend Intelligence. 


Impact Created

More productive way to get accurate answers.  Time savings with a lot less frustration. 

forecast future spend

Back to the Future of your Spending Trends

Forecast Future Spend and ID Funds to Realign

challenge icon Challenge: No linkage between spend plan, budgets, and contract burn rates so you may run out of funding unexpectedly.

light-bulb-icon-finder-logo Solution: Spend Intelligence brings your planned, actual , and future spending together by associating contract actions and their financial statuses with line items on your spend plan, enabling Estimates to Complete to forecast required funding necessary to finish projects, and allowing you to reallocate funds between spend plan line items.

success-icon-finder-logo  Impact Created: Your Spend is Optimized through early warnings if insufficient funding is available to complete projects, proactive forecasting of project burn-rates so that you can realign funds if needed, and allowing you to reallocate funds as easily as transferring funds on your banking app with audit trail.

proactively manage spend graphic

Proactively Manage Your Spend

No surprises for you or your CFO

challenge icon Challenge:  Identify funding required for all types of spend.  Tracking changes throughout the year.

light-bulb-icon-finder-logo Solution: Spend Intelligence integrates funding and spending for all spend to include rent and utilities, contracts, travel, training, pCards, IAAs, compensation.

success-icon-finder-logo  Impact Created:  Leadership accurately plans, monitors, and forecasts spend real-time in relation to budget.

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