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At Seventh Sense Consulting, our vision is to provide Enlightened Solutions that Provide Lasting Value.

In 2012, after several decades working in and around the federal government as acquisitions professionals in both military and civilian capacities, our founders decided to open Seventh Sense Consulting, LLC in order to address various levels of challenges faced by the government in acquisitions, information technology, and program management SETA.

We believe in good government and intelligent, well thought acquisitions. What do we mean by enlightened solutions? We set out to fundamentally enhance our clients’ inherent capability to reduce acquisition cycle time and cost, while enhancing the quality and fidelity of its acquisitions. In our Enlightened Solutions Suite of products, we applied our subject matter expertise to develop intuitive software that helps our Government clients articulate their requirements and research the market to assemble complete purchase request packages and apply best practices for managing the contractor performance from contract award through close-out.

From mission needs and requirements through procurement and program execution, SSC helps the Government harness the powerful, but often underutilized levers, techniques, and tools to improve performance.

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