Intelligent guidance through the maze of acquisition planning.

FIND will change the way you plan your acquisitions. Don’t use clunky software technology developed a decade ago – use a collaborative agile process to develop, plan, and prioritize your PR packages. Our tool supports requirements, market research, planning, and PR package creation. 

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How can FIND™ help?

Dashboard that enlightens your business acumen by illuminating your portfolio of requirements

Easy to access repository of all PR package components

Interactive collaboration and real-time updates that keep the team engaged

Ensures compliance, minimizes re-work, and reduces frustration for all parties involved

Understand and navigate the acquisitions planning process 

Automation of redundant and time-consuming processes (RPA)

Quickly find out where any requirement is in the acquisition planning phase

Easily accessible templates, tools, tutorials, and knowledge base tied to wherever you are in the process

Facilitates the creation of complete, well-organized requirements thereby enabling streamlined procurements and faster awards

Enlightens exchanges with solution providers throughout market research

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