Manage contracts 
intelligently. Organized. ​Simplified.

Simplify  how  you  manage  your contracts  from  post-award to closeout.  Contractor Performance  Intelligence™ (CPI™)  is  a ​ comprehensive contractor  management  solution  that  includes productivity  tools, automation,  educational tools,  best  practice templates,  and  AI  to  help you  do  more  with  less.

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How can CPI™ help?

Agency Leadership Benefits

Dashboard to your portfolio of contracts (scope, POP, type, contractor, funding, FTE, Funding)

Hub for all contractor/vendor information and agency assets (Goods/services, licenses, and maintenance agreements)

Real Time Access to contractors’ performance and status of deliverables

Increased Compliance via up-to-date Templates and Guides for users

Individual Program Manag​ement (PM) / Contractor Officer's Representative (COR) Benefits

Burn rate, scheduled deliverables, and option renewal notifcations

Automation of redundant and time-consuming
processes (RPA)

Facilitates QASP, CPARS, Modifcations, and Closeout

Easily accessible performance management templates, tools, tutorials, and knowledge bas

Increased project success through software utilization and implementation of best practices

Improved quality, schedule, and cost

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